The Chest Pain App is an innovative new way to display patient data in the electronic medical records. Based on a given chief complaint of the patient, the app can be programmed to display different data elements from the patient's in-house medical records or from an outside source.

For example: In the busy emergency room, the physician can use this app to see the five most important data elements from the health information exchange for patients with chest pain. This is a big timesaver for physicians. Instead of searching around in the electronic medical records, with just one click the physician can see the five most important data elements in order to make the right diagnosis. This app is infinitely configurable to present any chief complaint and any data element.

Developers can use this app as a starting platform to get familiar with SMART on FHIR applications and build up from it. The best thing is-it's free! The source code together with all documentations can be downloaded straight from this webpage.

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