C-Now enables providers to access information from anywhere using a web browser on any device.

Pre-req: Organization can register their FHIR server using this URL https://cnow.athenahealth.com/registration

Providers can log in to access the following information

• View upcoming appointments for today, tomorrow, the next seven days, or a specific date.

• Select a patient from the appointments list or search for a specific patient.

After selecting a patient, providers can view detailed patient information on the following tabs:

• Chart Summary: Displays patient problems, medications, directives, and allergies.

• Documents: Displays a list of patient documents that can be filtered by type.

• Vitals: Displays a history of patient vitals as a flowsheet.

• History: Displays patient Medical History, Surgical History, Social History, Family History, and Smoking Status.

• Demographics: Displays patient contact information, insurance details, and basic demographics such as marital status.

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FHIR Compatibility


Licensing & Pricing

Free, Per User

- Free for athenaPractice and athenaFlow providers.

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