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Cardiac Risk

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The widely-used Reynolds Risk Score is used to estimate the 10-year cardiovascular risk of an individual. For patients and clinicians alike, this calculation is often reported in an esoteric, hard-to-read lab report.

For our model of an improved Reynolds Risk Score reporting SMART App, we took an inspired Creative Commons design, the work of designer David McCandless, whose “Blood Work Cardiology Result” appeared in the Wired Magazine article “The Blood Test Gets a Makeover” (Wired 18.12, December 2010) and was published under a Creative Commons license. The resulting SMART Cardiac Risk app presents relevant patient vitals and lab measurements and the calculated Reynolds Risk Score, along with a succinct, patient-friendly explanation for each result. The app’s presentation produces a highly attractive document to hand to a patient. Furthermore, the SMART Cardiac Risk app also offers simulation: the clinician (or patient) can make changes to one or more of the patient’s vitals or lab results to see how the patient’s current Reynolds Risk Score could be improved.

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