Krames On FHIR® is a robust solution suite that helps your patient portal reach its full potential by keeping clinicians and patients connected. Using SMART on FHIR® technologies, Krames On FHIR integrates directly and seamlessly into the EHR for physicians, hospitals, and health systems, while meeting HL7 FHIR standards.

This industry-leading technology puts you on the cutting edge of best IT practices for patient engagement. No more time-consuming quarterly downloads for updates, or exports. Instead, our automatically updated Krames On-Demand® patient education content is provided right from your EHR.

Simple and flexible—yet powerful—Krames On FHIR helps you meet both the workflow needs of your clinicians and data needs of your c-suite, while saving valuable time for your IT staff. Plus, you’ll help improve communication with patients, which can lead to healthier behaviors.

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