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Lush SMART on FHIR Mobile Clinical Data App

Lush Group Inc.


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This application demonstrates connecting with multiple EMRs to provide clinical data for a specified patient. The use case shows a physician searching his/her patients and displaying the clinical record. It could also be used by a patient. The Lush SMART App runs on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. It can be restyled to change branding or alter the UX. Lush Group is working with clients to develop clinical functionality built upon the core clinical patient data.

We encourage you to consider the many ways we can improve healthcare, engage patients and help our physicians by connecting to multiple clinical data sources and provide new functionality to assist both clinicians and patients. Learn more about our HEART solution. Contact us for a demo or to discuss solutions that may benefit your organization.

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Patients & Clinicians

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FHIR Compatibility



Care Coordination, Data Visualization, Patient Engagement

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