TriVox Health is an innovative chronic disease management system that utilizes web and mobile-based technology to bridge the gap between patient’s everyday life and their medical providers. By allowing patients, parents, teachers and other respondents to complete scheduled surveys between medical visits, TriVox Health tracks patient’s response to therapy, disease symptoms, medication use and side effects, as well as free text comments. This data is tracked longitudinally and presented to medical providers in real time as graphs, tables and written summaries. This data leads to more efficient use of time during clinic visits, early detection of adverse events, and the potential prevention of emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

Initially developed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, TriVox Health has since been adapted for over a dozen conditions including asthma, epilepsy, depression, surgical follow up, and other medical indications. Reports from families and clinicians indicate that patients show increased satisfactions with care and providers have a greater understanding of their patients’ disease management.

TriVox connects with families via email, a mobile app, or text messaging. A link takes them to a web-based questionnaire that has the capacity for complex branching logic, the use of images for relevant data collection, and the ability to provide respondents with immediate feedback about how the patient is doing and any concerns identified. When the questionnaires have been completed, providers are notified via an email digest; TriVox can inform the providers if there medically relevant alerts such as significant deterioration in disease symptoms so families can be proactively contacted in advance of future appointments.

The system has been in use for 6 years, with over 7,000 patients enrolled and 20,000 respondents associated with these patients. Over 50,000 questionnaires have been answered to date. Studies of TriVox Health have shown:

• Increased family and community involvement in care by enabling a child’s parents and teachers to provide thoughtful assessments of behavior and functioning at a convenient time and place.

• More prepared and proactive providers who are able to review and respond to data collected prior to and in between clinical visits

• Increased focus on addressing family priorities and providing education and self‐management support during clinical visits, instead of spending valuable time on pure information gathering

• Increased clinician efficiency by decreasing documentation time by up to 50%, while simultaneously increasing the completeness of documentation

TriVox has recently been integrated into the EMR (Cerner’s PowerChart) at Boston Children’s Hospital to provide one seamless experience for the clinics and providers. Now clinicians can view the data within the EMR and move the data seamlessly into their notes. Patients’ data will soon flow into TriVox, including demographics, medications, and scheduled visits, decreasing the effort to enroll patients in the system and facilitating long-term tracking of patients.

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