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App Icon extends EMR's across the community, removing the silos that prevent you from addressing social determinants of health.
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Adherence - Surescripts Medication Management Solution

Surescripts, LLC

Improves patient medication management via patient-specific insights, health plan-generated messages, and streamlined physician feedback.
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Bilirubin Chart

Intermountain Healthcare

Demonstration app designed to help clinicians treat newborn hyperbilirubinemia appropriately.

Carefluence Patient Portal


Aggregates patient data from connected facilities giving patients access to all of their records in one single SMART patient portal.
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Caren RPM


Caren RPM is a mHealth platform that decreases the cost and complexity to remotely monitor patients between telemedicine and clinic visits.
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CarePassport Portal

CarePassport Corp.

A Complete patient portal allowing clinicians & patients to view all medical records, reports & imaging studies using FHIR.
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Chest Pain Application

Regenstrief Institute

The Chest Pain App retrieves and displays selected data relevant to a chief complaint from an electronic health record and other systems.
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Health Report Services

Patient and clinician facing interfaces to monitor and score rheumatic disease symptoms.
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Prediction tool for CRC detection in symptomatic patients.
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Diabetes Monograph

Boston Children's Hospital

Displays information about the patient in a diabetes-specific monograph.
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Disease Monograph

Boston Children's Hospital

Displays information about the patient in a configurable disease-specific monograph.
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Powerful platform that uses provider-customizable Smartlists to engage and empower patients.
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EBMcalc FHIR App

EBMcalc, LLC

EBMcalc, the premier source of Evidence-Based Medicine calculators is now a SMART on FHIR App!
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eDocSS - electronic Documentation of Surgery Standards

Across Healthcare

eDocSS was codeveloped with the American College of Surgeons to meet Commission on Cancer Synoptic Operative Report requirements.

Family Caregiver Application

Geisinger and Merck Collaboration

Developed by Geisinger and Merck, Family Caregiver Application helps with the coordination of care for patients, caregivers, and providers.