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Health Wizz offers a free mobile application that helps individuals aggregate their health records from several sources including Wearables, Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems and their genome. Using the Health Wizz app users create their own personalized EHR of One, which empowers them to take ownership and control of their health data. For the first time, users are in complete possession of their medical records and this information moves with them wherever they go.

Once aggregated, Health Wizz enables users to organize their medical records, and then instantly share/donate/trade their medical records on a blockchain infrastructure. The blockchain infrastructure enables users to create a Health Information Exchange of One and trade their medical records using a digital token. Health Wizz even matches research organizations and pharmaceutical companies with individuals interested in participating in clinical research or precision medicine.

Health Wizz is developed by a dedicated team of physicians, software engineers and developers with the individual or the patient in mind. Users’ health data is completely secure and private. Health Wizz does not share any data with anyone. Users have complete control over who gets to see what part of their health data and for how long.

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Patients & Clinicians

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FHIR Compatibility



Clinical Research, Patient Engagement, FHIR Tools

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Web, Android, iOS

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