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PatientLink Enterprises, Inc.


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MyLinks is an application for patients to gather, manage, and share their medical information from one accessible and secure location using the latest technical standards (FHIR) for interoperability. This interactive platform links patients with their physicians, researchers, pharmacists, caregivers, friends and family.

MyLinks allows patients to:

• Gather their clinical data, defined as the Common Clinical Data Set

• Share their clinical data

• Participate in research

• Store important documents including C-CDA, Advance Directives, DNR, Power of Attorney, etc.

• Securely communicate bidirectionally with their doctors using Direct secure messaging

• Monitor activity from wearable devices

• Journal about their health

FHIR Compatibility

R4, STU 3, DSTU 2

Licensing & Pricing


Free for patients and providers. Direct secure mail accounts (optional) are $1/month

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