Humanizing the experience and delivery of care has never been more important. Leveraging communication science to turn transactions into relationships is the most effective way to drive loyalty and value in everyday practice. We capture real-world perspectives directly from patients via our HIPAA-compliant, mobile-responsive digital solutions and distill essential information into meaningful, actionable insights to help clinicians and health organizations become more responsive and successful. Our practical combination of digital and personal engagement is the key to leading in the age of consumerism, personalization, and value-based care.

How It Works: Patients receive appointment reminders inviting them to use PatientWisdom ahead of clinical encounters, with the goal of helping their care team understand what matters to them as people. PatientWisdom makes it safe and easy to share templated information about themselves, their health, and their care. Our workflow is easy to understand and guides patients through creating their personalized inSIGHT summary. The PatientWisdom interface is informed by human-centered design and branded for each health organization to create a seamless user experience.

Real-World Results: Busy providers report that it takes about 15 seconds to review the PatientWisdom inSIGHT summary before seeing a patient – they gain a deeper understanding of what matters to their patients, enabling them to do better without taking longer. Results are extremely positive: 82% of providers confirm that PatientWisdom helps them know what’s important to their patients; 90% of patients report that PatientWisdom improves communication with the providers who use it; 95% rate their visit as going ‘extremely well’ (vs baseline of 81%); 10.7% reduction in new patient no-show rates. A recent RCT demonstrated that PatientWisdom generated double-digit gains in patient perceptions of whether clinicians treated them with respect, showed interest in their ideas, showed care and concern, and spent about the right amount of time with them.

In addition to a patient-portal integration, PatientWisdom integrates with the EHR for providers to easily see their patient's inSIGHT summary within their workflow.

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