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App Icon extends EMR's across the community, removing the silos that prevent you from addressing social determinants of health.
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Caren RPM


Caren RPM is a mHealth platform that decreases the cost and complexity to remotely monitor patients between telemedicine and clinic visits.
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CarePassport Portal

CarePassport Corp.

A Complete patient portal allowing clinicians & patients to view all medical records, reports & imaging studies using FHIR.
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Clinical Pipe

Protocol First

An EHR-to-EDC connector that transfers 30-70% of trial data - reducing time spent performing double data entry.

Doctor Care Portal


Hospital staff portal for Patient engagement and Connected care delivery.
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Quick, simple and easy-to-use precision dosing software specifically developed for clinical use at the point-of-care.
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EBMcalc FHIR App

EBMcalc, LLC

EBMcalc, the premier source of Evidence-Based Medicine calculators is now a SMART on FHIR App!
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eDocSS - electronic Documentation of Surgery Standards

Across Healthcare

eDocSS was codeveloped with the American College of Surgeons to meet Commission on Cancer Synoptic Operative Report requirements.

Forecast Health Risk Prediction and Prevention App

Forecast Health

Identifies high risk patients, highlights the causes of risk, and provides patient-specific guidance to reduce risk and costs.
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Growth Chart and Immunizations

Prairie Byte Solutions

Growth Chart app has been developed for parents and pediatricians. It allows to view child's growth over time as well as immunizations.
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HEART Pathway

Impathiq Inc.

A validated decision tool that improves health outcomes and reduces unnecessary costs for patients presenting to the ED with chest pain.
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Medocity MD

Medocity, Inc.

Medocity MD was developed for care professionals to connect, track and monitor patients.
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Meducation RS

First Databank, Inc.

Patient-specific medication instructions, simplified and 20+ languages to reduce medication errors & improve adherence.
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Web-based postoperative report that provides correct procedural codes, quality indicators and immediate sign out.
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PatientCare Portal


Patientcare portal is centred around the connected healthcare model providing data consolidation, FHIR and PHR support for Patients.