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RxPrime - Smart Medication Lists

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RxPrime - Smart Medication Lists provides anyone looking at a patient’s chart with powerful analytical tools based on deep understanding of prescribing patterns from 3.2 billion patient visits. This allows it to go beyond providing information gleaned from indication databases, and instead enables users to gain deeper insights that include great depth of off-label usage for every specialty.

It integrates with EHRs using FHIR APIs, pulls in the relevant patient data, and can display the Smart Medication Lists application directly in the sidebar. The features it provides enhance medication safety and improve workflows for entering diagnoses and medications in the patient chart. More specifically it provides:

• An infograph that explains the connection of problems and medications currently in the patient chart.

• A list of unexplained medications, defined as those for which there is no matching problem in the patient’s chart.

• Suggested diagnoses to add to the patient’s chart that match the medications in the patient chart.

• Suggested medications to prescribe the patient for the problems in the patient chart.

Peer-reviewed papers showing efficacy of the machine learning analysis that powers Smart Medication Lists in decision support:

• “A Probabilistic Model for Reducing Medication Errors: A Sensitivity Analysis using data in Electronic Health Records”,

• “Assessing the International Transferability of a Machine Learning Model for Detecting Medication Error in the General Internal Medicine Clinic: Multicenter Preliminary Validation Study”,

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