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1upHealth - Aggregated Patient Data


Helps providers view patient data aggregated from external health systems. Patients can connect their medical data sources using FHIR.
App Icon extends EMR's across the community, removing the silos that prevent you from addressing social determinants of health.
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AristaMD eConsult platform

AristaMD enables more efficient patient care and improved patient satisfaction by connecting providers to specialists via eConsults.

Carefluence Patient Portal


Aggregates patient data from connected facilities giving patients access to all of their records in one single SMART patient portal.
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Chest Pain Application

Regenstrief Institute

The Chest Pain App retrieves and displays selected data relevant to a chief complaint from an electronic health record and other systems.
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C-Now helps providers access patient records from anywhere using any device. Providers can connect to the health records using FHIR.
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The Commons Project

CommonHealth helps people collect & manage their health data and share it with the health services, organizations & apps they trust.
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Displays patient care opportunities in EHR, allowing clinicians to review and address quality care gaps and risk conditions.
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Current Health

Current Health

Current Health enables healthcare organizations to personalize & scale how they deliver healthcare at home with a single, flexible solution.
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DMEscripts LLC

DMEscripts simplifies the often-tedious ordering process so patients, providers, and suppliers all get what they need faster.

Doctor Care Portal


Hospital staff portal for Patient engagement and Connected care delivery.
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Doximity on FHIR


Doximity provides detailed profiles on providers and a secure messaging platform
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Hale Health Remote Care Platform

Hale Health

Hale connects clinical teams and their patients between visits through live video visits, secure messaging, photo + video sharing, and more.
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HIE Incontext


HIE InContext provides information from participating HIEs within the context of a clinician's workflow.
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Lush SMART on FHIR Mobile Clinical Data App

Lush Group Inc.

This application demonstrates capability in connecting to multiple EMRs, using FHIR, to provide clinical data for a specified patient.